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We are happy to announce that Ridgeway Family Dentistry now offers soft tissue grafting to our patients who have significant gum recession or experience sensitivity from exposed roots by using a tissue material called AlloDerm. This procedure allows Dr. Bauder to cover the exposed roots as well as provide a zone of dense tough tissue to help prevent continued or future recession of the gums. Coverage of the roots reduces root sensitivity, reduces risk of root decay, and enhances appearance. Failure to correct these problems create the risk for additional gum recession, root decay and potential loss of teeth.

In the past, this treatment required transplantation of tissue from the roof of the patient’s mouth. Now we can use AlloDerm, a tissue obtained from a tissue bank. This tissue comes from a person who has died healthy such as in an automobile accident, then has been extensively tested and approved for organ transplantation, and is approved by the FDA. Other tissues, such as bone and skin, are then obtained and processed for future transplantation. AlloDerm is derived from skin. It has had all cells and blood removed, which precludes rejection of the tissue, eliminates the possibility of viral or bacterial presence. The processed tissue is received in a sterile and freeze-dried form. The tissue already has all vessels present, so the body can more easily re-vascularize the graft and provide blood supply to the graft. The  body will then begin to replace the AlloDerm with its own tissue through normal cell turn over, and after twelve months, it will be completely replaced with the patient’s own tissue.

This tissue is used widely in medicine and for many applications. Studies have shown that the surgical outcome with AlloDerm is equivalent to that with palatal tissue. Thus, we can now provide you with the same results, while avoiding the second surgical site.

Recession After Gum Grafts Ridgeway Family Dentistry in Soldotna, AK

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